Sun and Shade

The short dwarf squinted, pain shooting through her eyes as she tried to make out the distant spot on the horizon. There was something darker there…maybe and antelope or a person approaching? After a futile few moments, she whispered three words, clasping the fossil that hung from a leather strap she wore. She felt the […]


Cacao Before Chocolate

“Catch!” Simi tossed the oblong object, landing it neatly in her friend’s hand. Simi’s friend caught the pod neatly, her small hand closing easily around the ridged fruit. Reaching up, Simi dug her nail into the next fruit while her friend stored the first one. The scratch revealed gren skin underneath the tough exterior. Not […]


Fingers gingerly wrapped around the slimy body, carefully placed to avoid the sharp spines of its fins. Wood pressed against the creature’s head as thin steel swung down and “thunk!” The small fish’s head was severed cleanly. Sammy chucked the head in the bin with the other fish guts, and began gutting the remainder. He […]

A Ring We All Love

June 22nd is National Onion Ring Day! When we think of onion rings, we often think of our favorite restaurant, and most often, I think of fast food restaurants with deep fried onion rings that barely taste like onion. One might think of this treat in a modern setting, but they have been around for […]

The Day of Music

“Susie was up with the sun and fell down in the creek, the day her Beauty came home. Up and over, down and…” Molina sang the old children’s tune under her breath, wishing that she had a Beauty. Damien winced as the blast of noise reached his ears. After a moment of recovery, his face […]

Land of the Free and the Brave

Sudha gazed up into the sky, her keen eyes following the far-off black shape as it banked calmly in the persistent breeze. A gust settled it on the ground as it’s flight became labored. After a moment, the breeze picked up, and a strong wind battered Sudha’s face. Taking advantage of the current, the dark […]

Sidney from Nowhere

Sidney carefully peeled the wide strip of dough from the pile, using it to complete a smooth layer of dough in the rectangular pan. Next, a layer of sauce. Meat. Cheese. Another layer of meat, just in case. The layer was getting thick, so Sidney spread some more pasta strips on it, careful to pick […]

A Fish Dinner

Scales glistened as the tiny creature jerked, disturbing water as it struggled to free itself from the thin string that connected it to it’s human captor. Pulling free of the water, it hovered in the air for a moment before climbing towards the hungry man whose line he was caught on. Stomach grumbling, Sammy pulled […]

Purple Roots

Dirt splattered everywhere as the ziekril tore free of the earth. Brown topsoil rained down from the rough edges of the elongated purple tubor. After a brief dusting off, the root went into a basket. Tammy snuck a peak at the other workers. Nobody was looking, so the next vegetable went into her mouth after […]

Scenes in Nature

June 15th is Nature Photography Day. The North American Nature Photography Associationcelebrates nature photography, along with many others. Use the hashtage #naturephotoday to show your support on social media, and most importantly, take photos of nature, whether it is on your phone or a high end camera. Standish Writes is using this day to show […]