Apples in a Pastry

Cheep! Cheep! Cheepcheepcheep! A high pitched cry sounded above me, and a moment later, a tiny object blurred as it dropped past me, dunking into the grass below. The untrimmed green ruffled in the breeze, dented in several places by the shuffle of since-passed feet. A new scuffle of feet heralded the arrival of yet another visitor. Boots clomped ever closer, coming into view and drifting unwittoungly towards the little object.

The chirping intensified as the tiny object lifted, waddling brokenly on uncertain legs. Grass bent towards the tiny being as a boot crushed the determined carpet. A tiny blade tickled the creature’s nose as a brown hand descended. Nestled safely in the pink palm, the chick climbed again the the unseen spot above me.

“There you go, little guy. Ooh, an apple!”

Suddenly I found the world spinning, twirling and twisting as rough skin scraped against my hide. After a second, there was a cracking noise, and I began my own descent.

July 5th is National Apple Turnover Day. These sweet pastries are a favorite of mine, though I prefer raspberry if I’m being honest. Childhood memories come to mind. As one of three children, I was in the unique position of being the youngest in a 5-person household. If you have ever tried shopping for 5 people, you may have found that many grocery store package foods in perfect portions for four people. At least, this is what my family found. Since turnovers came in a package of four, and I was the youngest and smallest, I naturally had to share a turnover with my brother. Thus, I was in my teens before I had a whole turnover for the first time.

Enjoy some turnover recipes below:

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