Photographs of Life

Today, June 29, is National Camera Day. Today is a day to learn a bit about cameras, but also to snap photos wherever you go. In honor of this day, I’ve selected some of my favorite miscellaneous photos to share with you.

Asian Elephant 1.jpg
St. Louis Zoo
St. Louis Zoo
Forest in Willington, Connecticut
Medicine Bow Forest in June
Little Medicine Bow River, Wyoming
Sheepeater Cliff, Yellowstone National Park
Birdseye Mountain, Vermont
Tractor Carrying Buckets For Maple Syrup, Connecticut
Marmot Den, Yellowstone National Park
Powder Magazine, Fort Fred Steele, Wyoming
Bridge Tender’s House, Fort Fred Steele, Wyoming
The Snowy Range, Wyoming, in June
Roosevelt Arch, Montana
Thunderstorm in Wyoming

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