A Four-Day-In-One Holiday


On July 7, we celebrate not one but four holidays. Today is National Father Daughter Take a Walk Day, a day when one can take a walk with one’s father, father figure, or even just a friend. While this day fosters closeness among family members, it also provides an opportunity for physical activity, and a chance to see some breathtaking and beautiful sights in nature.

In addition to Father Daughter Take a Walk Day, June 7 is National Strawberry Sundae Day. This Sunday, celebrate National Father Daughter Take a Walk Day by grabbing a sundae on the way. It is a hot day in many areas, so if you are walking outdoors, I recommend that you stop and sit in a shady area so you can eat your ice cream before it melts. While my personal favorite is chocolate, I know that my father will be trying out a strawberry sundae or ice cream cone this afternoon if I can convince him to go out for ice cream with me!

Last but not least, it is National Macaroni Day. Now, there are many types of macaroni, but as a treat on a father-daughter day, I recommend the childhood classic, macaroni and cheese. For some of us, this comes from a box, and for others it comes from a family recipe. Some of us did an internet search, picked the first option that came up, and found that we loved the recipe. In my case, macaroni and cheese always means Kraft macaroni and cheese from a box. This is a personal favorite, and is universally accepted in my family as the best macaroni and cheese.

That said, today is also National Dive Bar Day, and although one’s daughter may be over the legal drinking age, I generally recommend celebrating this day separately from the other three. For those of us who don’t have work in the morning, have fun at your favorite dive bar this evening, and get home safe so you can take another walk with whoever is important in your life.

So, however those holidays mesh for you, celebrate one or all of them, or just take a moment to do something you love in the spirit of summer enjoyment. Happy Sunday!

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