Eyes Filled with Souls

Rayce halted in his tracks, eyes bulging for but a moment before he scrambled to his knees, accidentally stubbing a toe and scraping his palm as he prostrated himself.

Across the street, two young boys glanced at him curiously before twisting around to see what had spooked the poor fellow. Suddenly, two pairs of bony knees collided with the hard-packed dirt, causing the two young boys to flinch minutely.

Down the street, a middle-aged woman stopped at a fruit stand, drawing a fingernail across a rind to test its ripeness. The stand owner’s right eye twitched imperceptably as he conducted a stilted conversation with the slightly wrinkled woman. The woman turned to walk down the street as if she had noticed no strangeness in these behaviors.

After a minute, Rayce dared sneak a glance up. His eyes lifted, flashing in surprise as they locked into two heterochromatic ones. One brown eye and one blue one blinked simultaneously as a trikle of fear made its way down Rayces’s forehead.

Everybody knew that one eye was possessed by a demon and the other an angel. Who knew which one he would get today?

With a long-suffering sigh, Kari turned her eyes away from the prone man and continued her walk home, bag loaded with ripe fruit. People would believe what they would believe.

June 12th is National Different Colored eyes Day. As you may have guessed, the woman in this story has heterochromia, meaning that one of her eyes is a different color from the other.

In the mythology of the imagined world she lives in, people believe that when somebody has two different eye colors, they are possessed by both a demon and an angel. The demon sees through one eye and the angel sees through the other. In reality, of course, the woman is possessed only of her own faculties, and is simply trying to buy from a market. she has become accustomed to stares of reverence and fear, and learned to ignore it.

In everyday life, people with heterochromia might deal with stares, either because people fine such eyes beautiful, or because people are not accustomed to the uncommon trait.

National Day Calendar recommends celebrating this day by taking picture of oneself to celebrate one’s unique appearance. Rather than only sharing photos, comment below to share your story, good or bad, and how different colored eyes have affected you. What should we be doing to on Different Colored Eye Day, and all year long?

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