Mountain Man Museum

These are some pictures I took at the Mountain Man Museum in 2019. This was pre-COVID, but they had a greeter who really got into the act. Well worth the visit.

Enter the Virginian

You pull open the door, struggling to keep the door from slamming shut on you. The large wooden door is held closed by a cord that has clearly had its share of wear from fighting the wind day after day. The wind and cable fight as you slip through the entrance until eventually, the wind […]

Places in Yellowstone: Pelican Creek

One of the wonderful things about Yellowstone National Park is the diversity of the hiking experiences available. During my visit to Yellowstone National Park in the summer of 2015, I discovered a beautiful little trail called Pelican Creek. The trail wanders through the woods and along a beach. At less than 1 mile long, it […]

The First Thing You See In Yellowstone

The sun is coming out. If you are like me, you are looking forward to some time out in the sun, perhaps on a beach or in the mountains. I recommend going to Yellowstone National Park, the most awe-inspiring vacation spot I have visited to date. At Yellowstone, there are seemingly endless herds of bison […]

Yellowstone National Park

Time for a vacation! Are you looking for a place to visit this summer? You might have noticed it is still snowing outside in many places, but this is the kind of vacation you’ll want to plan ahead of time. I love Yellowstone National Park! I recently visited several travel magazine websites and noticed something […]

Flight AA2805

Some of you may have heard of the┬ábomb threat┬áto Bradley International Airport (BDL) on the 22nd of October. Above is a picture of the plane just before boarding for the first time. Passengers had already begun boarding the plane. As part of Group 9, the last group to board, I overheard State Troopers talking to […]