Book Review: Death Rides a Chestnut Mare

Revenge is a powerful thing, something that can take over the world and bleed out around you if you’re not careful…and that’s just what happens when Daniel Strange is killed in Indian Territory. Death Rides a Chestnut Mare by Ralph Compton is the first in a Western series about Daniel Strange, a gunsmith who was […]

Story Guides: How to Name a City

Dover twitched as the pen scratched across the paper yet again. ScritchScritchScritchScritchScritch! A few words made their way onto the page, then ScritchScritchScritch. “Would you cut it out, it’s like nails on chalkboard!” Standing from his chair Dover retreated to the kitchen to escape from the repeated noise. Lisa grumbled at his departure, jotting down […]

Writing Prompt #4

The sound of wood hitting wood drifted to Amma’s ears. The basket she carried creaked as the weigh shifted, just retaining its balance atop her head. Curiosity flared, despite warning bells ringing in her head. If you write a story from this prompt or would like to submit a writing prompt or idea for us […]

Science Activities to do with your Kids

Are you a homeschooling parent or just looking for ways to get involved in your children’s education? If you want to help teach your kids about the world, there are many things you can do to help them learn by doing. We’re compiling a list of science activities to do with your kids, no matter […]

Enter the Virginian

You pull open the door, struggling to keep the door from slamming shut on you. The large wooden door is held closed by a cord that has clearly had its share of wear from fighting the wind day after day. The wind and cable fight as you slip through the entrance until eventually, the wind […]

Writing Prompt #3

You’re late! You tried for years to get people interested, and you finally found a third player for your favorite game, but you’re running late to meet her. You crash through the doors to the saloon, letting them slam shut behind you as a worn bungee cord pulls them back into their frames. You approach […]

5 Baby Room Themes

You’re having a baby! Congratulations. While this is an exciting time, it’s also a potentially stressful one filled with important decisions. You’ve come to the world wide web for some advice on one of those decisions: your baby room’s theme. We found a few baby room themes that might work for you. Boho Rainbow Bohemian-style […]

Writing Prompt #2

He dragged his fingers across his face, flicking blood away so he could open his eyes. His ears perked up and weary muscles tensed as he heard the sound of pained cries from behind the door. Without hesitation he ran ahead and threw open the door, left stunned by what he saw. Three lavishly furnished […]