Independence Day, Medicine Bow, WY

These photographs were taken last year during the Independence Day celebrations on the fourth of July in Medicine Bow, Wyoming’s park. It was a fun event, with food provided by the local Lion’s Club. Stay safe this fourth day of July. If you are out driving home from late night fireworks, watch for wildlife on […]


Camp Time

Today, the fourth Saturday in June, is the Great American Campout! Take some time to go out camping, whether in a camper, camp trailer, tent, or beneath the stars. Camping out allows us to feel a moment of peace in this crazy world, and to relax with nature or with good friends, music, and bonfires. […]

Critical Failure and Success: D&D of Many Choices

E: “I shoot the troglodyte with my shortbow.” DM: “Roll the attack… you accidentally shot yourself in the foot. Roll damage. It’s the troglodyte’s turn. He moves closer but he can’t get around the rocks this turn. Goliath’s turn. G: “I’ll try to pull the arrow out of his foot.” DM: “Roll a Medicine check… […]

The Mayo Clinic: Birth of a Legacy

Featured Image taken from:¬†, licensed under Creative Commons. “What about this one? I’m pretty sure I could have this one.” The pointer flicked across the screen as Corbin twitched his mouse to click for more details. “It says here that redness of the skin and fatigue are symptoms.” The chair creaked as he spun around, […]

Controversial D&D: Characters and the Story

What is Dungeons and Dragons? Is it a rule system? A tabletop gaming experience? In my opinion, it is a story. It is not a story told by one person, of course. Instead, it is a story told by many people. Each player has a character they play, while the DM plays the hardest character; […]

Homeschooling Without Hurting

Every parent wants their child to have a good education. If your child is unable to attend school, it is natural to worry about how it will affect your child’s education. Your child’s education will not be permanently stunted by this, rest assured. The most important thing right now is your child’s mental health. You […]

Spirit Week

Today we decided to share this post from a preschool teacher. Try having a spirit week for your kids! — Ms. Heather (@MsHeatherCFDRC) March 24, 2020

Educational Board Games to Play With Kids

If you are trying to keep your young child’s mind active, but you are not sure if you can teach some topics accurately, try some of these board games. Also try games like operation to help your very young children practice fine motor coordination. Note: These are affiliate links, but the affiliate link has no […]

Engaging Children in Real Life Learning

With the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing, many parents are looking for ways to keep their children’s minds active. Start by talking to children about world politics, medicine, and topics that interest them. These everyday conversations will keep your children’s minds engaged, as well as your own. Science and Research Research anything you do not […]

Homeschool During COVID-19 – Schedules

Since many people have turned to homeschooling during COVID-19 quarantines, Standish Writes is providing a homeschooling tip every day. While these are by no means an exhaustive resource, they should help you out if you do not know where to start. We ask you to look back to your school days, or to a time […]