Fun and Easy DIY Christmas Decorations

Are you looking for fun and easy DIY Christmas decorations? If you’re an amateur crafter like me, but love the idea of making your own crafts, you’re probably going to need some guidance, and luckily the internet has some. I’ve taken the liberty of combing the internet for some fun and simple crafts that don’t […]

Book Review: Death Rides a Chestnut Mare

Revenge is a powerful thing, something that can take over the world and bleed out around you if you’re not careful…and that’s just what happens when Daniel Strange is killed in Indian Territory. Death Rides a Chestnut Mare by Ralph Compton is the first in a Western series about Daniel Strange, a gunsmith who was […]

The Lead and Copper Rule

This story is designed as satire. Based on actual events occurring in this country, this story did not occur as written. For background, please read this first: The Lead and Copper Rule A lobbyist walks into a town office, smiling to herself. She’s excited about the new laws requiring the town to monitor the water […]

Camp Time

Today, the fourth Saturday in June, is the Great American Campout! Take some time to go out camping, whether in a camper, camp trailer, tent, or beneath the stars. Camping out allows us to feel a moment of peace in this crazy world, and to relax with nature or with good friends, music, and bonfires. […]

Critical Failure and Success: D&D of Many Choices

E: “I shoot the troglodyte with my shortbow.” DM: “Roll the attack… you accidentally shot yourself in the foot. Roll damage. It’s the troglodyte’s turn. He moves closer, but he can’t get around the rocks this turn. Goliath’s turn. G: “I’ll try to pull the arrow out of his foot.” DM: “Roll a Medicine check… […]

Controversial D&D: Characters and the Story

What is Dungeons and Dragons? Is it a rule system? A tabletop gaming experience? In my opinion, it is a story. It is not a story told by one person, of course. Instead, it is a story told by many people. Each player has a character they play, while the DM plays the hardest character; […]

How to Homeschool Your Kids with Games

With many areas of the country quarantined, parents are starting to worry about their children’s education. While I assure you that a month of homeschooling will not irreversibly damage your children, I understand the concern. That is why Standish writes is going to present an article every day with a simple homeschooling idea that is […]

The Weihnachtsman

The dark figure creeps over the rooftop, surefooted in his dark boots, despite the slippery snow. Carefully shifting his blood-red coat aside, he climbs over the chimney lip and dropped, whispering an incantation to slow his fall. Swiftly, he places several objects beneath the gaudily bedecked carcass of a young tree. One object was a […]

The Veterans

Tori’s heavy boots clicked together as she marched out into the bright sunlight. A lineup in the town square. Row 2. Three teenagers shook, their agitation evident in the trembling of their hands and the tense set of shoulders that did not quite fill out their armor. Yet more young ones filed into the rows, […]