Places in Yellowstone: Pelican Creek

One of the wonderful things about Yellowstone National Park is the diversity of the hiking experiences available. During my visit to Yellowstone National Park in the summer of 2015, I discovered a beautiful little trail called Pelican Creek. The trail wanders through the woods and along a beach. At less than 1 mile long, it is great for people who are not accustomed to hiking or who are not in the best physical shape (in my opinion, of course).

While traveling along the beach, I witnessed a storm creating a gorgeous grayscale effect that I had to capture, among other things. Many of the sights I captured there became inspirations for the imagery that appears in my books, such as the trail on the cover page for the fantasy RPG setting book “How To Rule Ferella.” The slideshow below allows you to experience Pelican Creek as I did that day.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For more information about this trail, visit the National Park Service website here.

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