Writing Prompt #3

You’re late! You tried for years to get people interested, and you finally found a third player for your favorite game, but you’re running late to meet her. You crash through the doors to the saloon, letting them slam shut behind you as a worn bungee cord pulls them back into their frames. You approach […]

5 Baby Room Themes

You’re having a baby! Congratulations. While this is an exciting time, it’s also a potentially stressful one filled with important decisions. You’ve come to the world wide web for some advice on one of those decisions: your baby room’s theme. We found a few baby room themes that might work for you. Boho Rainbow Bohemian-style […]

Writing Prompt #2

He dragged his fingers across his face, flicking blood away so he could open his eyes. His ears perked up and weary muscles tensed as he heard the sound of pained cries from behind the door. Without hesitation he ran ahead and threw open the door, left stunned by what he saw. Three lavishly furnished […]

Writing Prompt #1

We all knew about the magic lands, of course. They were there every day, layered on top of us like peanut butter on bread. But nobody ever talked about them. If you write a story from this prompt or would like to submit a prompt idea for us to share, please leave a comment or […]

The Lead and Copper Rule

This story is designed as satire. Based on actual events occurring in this country, this story did not occur as written. For background, please read this first: The Lead and Copper Rule A lobbyist walks into a town office, smiling to herself. She’s excited about the new laws requiring the town to monitor the water […]

Sunset and Sunrise Over the Desert

In honor of National Sunglasses Day, I am sharing some photographs I took of the sunrise and set, primarily at the construction site I live on when I was helping to build my parents’ house. These images show the intensity of the sun over the sage brush and cacti of my parents’ home. When you […]

Places in Yellowstone: Pelican Creek

One of the wonderful things about Yellowstone National Park is the diversity of the hiking experiences available. During my visit to Yellowstone National Park in the summer of 2015, I discovered a beautiful little trail called Pelican Creek. The trail wanders through the woods and along a beach. At less than 1 mile long, it […]

The First Thing You See In Yellowstone

The sun is coming out. If you are like me, you are looking forward to some time out in the sun, perhaps on a beach or in the mountains. I recommend going to Yellowstone National Park, the most awe-inspiring vacation spot I have visited to date. At Yellowstone, there are seemingly endless herds of bison […]

Yellowstone National Park

Time for a vacation! Are you looking for a place to visit this summer? You might have noticed it is still snowing outside in many places, but this is the kind of vacation you’ll want to plan ahead of time. I love Yellowstone National Park! I recently visited several travel magazine websites and noticed something […]

Independence Day, Medicine Bow, WY

These photographs were taken last year during the Independence Day celebrations on the fourth of July in Medicine Bow, Wyoming’s park. It was a fun event, with food provided by the local Lion’s Club. Stay safe this fourth day of July. If you are out driving home from late night fireworks, watch for wildlife on […]