5 Baby Room Themes

You’re having a baby! Congratulations. While this is an exciting time, it’s also a potentially stressful one filled with important decisions. You’ve come to the world wide web for some advice on one of those decisions: your baby room’s theme. We found a few baby room themes that might work for you.

Boho Rainbow

Bohemian-style baby rooms are nice because they create a calming atmosphere for you and your baby. You can find rainbow decorations like these fairly easily, or even paint rainbows using boho colors. If you don’t want to do anything permanent, you can use wall decals instead of painting or a similar look. This creates a space that’s both natural and colorful, providing a good combination of stimulation and restfulness. Plus, introducing aspects of nature such as rainbows can help promote natural intelligence.

If you need a few more ideas, try a customized decal or sign with a bohemian rainbow and your child’s name. You’ll also want some baby toys that match your theme.

Montessori Style

Many parents and teachers love Maria Montessori’s teaching style and like the idea of raising or educating a child using her methods. The Montessori style involves a lot of trust and a desire to promote independence in your little one, even from a very young age. If you like the idea, you’re probably wondering how you could go about designing a Montessori-style bedroom for your baby. This article by designrulz will walk you through some aspects of setting one up. Once you have a plan, you can use the ideas in this video to start setting up your actual furniture and make the plan into reality.


Many little girls love princesses, and they’re a good source of sparkle and glitter. This allows you to create a fascinating room that’ll entertain your baby boy or girl. It’s also easy to find princess decorations, and they’ll typically come in pink, making this theme perfect for a little girl’s pink bedroom. The other nice thing about a princess theme is that you probably won’t have to make major changes later on since children often love princesses for many years.

Vintage Bicycles

If you’re looking for an unusual theme, and you’re a fan of vintage decorations, then a vintage bicycle theme could be neat. For a truly vintage look, try something like this that looks vintage right down to the crib style and patterns. Otherwise, you can design something cuter like this one.

Photo by Greg Boll on Unsplash

Baby Yoda

The Mandalorian is one of the most popular Star Wars shows since Disney took over the franchise, and if you’re one of the many people who’s enjoyed that show, you’re probably excited to see the first infant Star Wars character. Baby Yoda is the perfect theme for a baby’s room since he’s the only Star Wars character that’s a baby like them. The show is so popular that you can get a multitude of decorations and furnishings, from baby Yoda mobiles to blankets to complete bedroom sets.

Photo by Din Djarin on Unsplash

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