First, Best, and Worst Characters: Vuurkind of the Nine Hells

…Vuurkind, newly cast out of the Nine Hells and practicing his cantrips, was ready to meet his future companions. The group had a unique makeup, consisting of twin tieflings , a half-orc champion fighter…


A D&D Holiday

The First, Best, and Worst D&D characters series is switching to Fridays. Since I celebrate Easter, I decided to skip Easter weekend and give myself a break, eat candy, and do other Easter things within my family’s traditions. This made it a good time to switch my articles to a different day of the week, […]

First, Best, and Worst Characters: Mulan Illuskan

Welcome back to this week’s First, Best, and Worst Characters’ series. Today we are exploring the character Mulan Illuskan. You might recognize those two names, as they are in fact the names of two of the ethnicities mentioned for humans in the 5e Player’s Handbook. With one of the first characters we explored, Bruenor Frostbeard,we […]