Fun and Easy DIY Christmas Decorations

Are you looking for fun and easy DIY Christmas decorations? If you’re an amateur crafter like me, but love the idea of making your own crafts, you’re probably going to need some guidance, and luckily the internet has some. I’ve taken the liberty of combing the internet for some fun and simple crafts that don’t require a lot of tools and know-how. Check them out!

Peg Doll Angel

Watch the video below to learn how to make a peg doll angel using some paints, a peg, and glue.

Time and Difficulty: Anybody can do it.

You’ll need: small paint brushes, a pencil, wooden peg, wooden chips for wings.

You can get the supplies for this at a craft store and maybe a dollar store. The craft aisle at WalMart should work, too.

Sock Gnome

Check out the video below to learn how to make a sock gnome with just a few crafts store items.

Time and Difficulty: Intermediate

You’ll need: socks (one plain white and a couple decorative), scissors, rice (or poly pellets for filler), some rubber bands, cheap blush for a rosy nose, a hot glue gun (rubber cement is fairly cheap and should work, let me know if it doesn’t so I can update!), fake fur/cotton balls/shaggy material for the beard, a foam cone, and a razor knife.

Your best bet is probably to hit the dollar store and a craft store to get enough materials for at least three gnomes at a time.

Do you have a favorite Christmas decoration craft? I’m always looking for more and would love to hear about it!


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