Science Activities to do with your Kids

Are you a homeschooling parent or just looking for ways to get involved in your children’s education? If you want to help teach your kids about the world, there are many things you can do to help them learn by doing. We’re compiling a list of science activities to do with your kids, no matter their age. Let us know if you think of an experiment or idea you think we should add!

Water Wall Experiment

Water is a fun science resource because the best way to learn properties of liquid is to play with them. If you send your kids out into the yard with some old water bottles or other recycled materials, you’d be surprised what they come up with. They may need some help with tools, but this is also a chance for them to learn how to use screwdrivers and hammers, or power tools if they’re old enough. Have them design a water wall using whatever recycled materials they can find, then test it to see if the water goes where they want. This is a fun project that you can do with any age child, even a teenager, as they’ll make more and more complex designs, so bring the whole family outside for it! 

Here’s a guide for doing a water wall experiment if you feel stuck. 

DIY Water Wall

Make Slime

Slime is a neat trick involving chemical reactions that turn liquids and solids (depending on the activator you choose) into a stretchy and gooey material. You can use it to teach your children about activators that start chemical reactions, and then play with the slime afterwards! It’s also great for children with sensory needs. They can play with the slime or press it against their mouth, head, or arms to help them feel calm if they need it.

There are many videos out there on making slime, but here’s one to start. You can also buy slime kits to keep things simple and make sure it works every time.

Are we missing any cool ideas? Drop a comment to tell us about your favorite experiments and ideas, or let us know how these went when you tried them with your children.

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