Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids

Did you forget to get your kid a Valentine’s Gift? Maybe you forgot that your son or daughter in kindergarten needs to have a Valentine for each and every member of their elementary school class?

Good news! We have some last-minute gift ideas for your 1st grader, 2nd grader, or even 7th grader! These gifts were guaranteed to arrive by Valentine’s Day at the time the article was written. I will update the article daily, but make sure to check the shipping time provided when you go to buy the item, since shipping times change often.

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This article contains affiliate links. his means I get a reward from amazon if you buy through the link. You can look any of these up separately through amazon, though. I recommend them because I think they are good choices and hope they help.

1: Kangaroo Cootie Catcher Cards

This 28-pack of cards will bring you back to your own childhood (or maybe not). These foldable cards are a classic game that children of any age love playing. They are as fun for a 1st grader as they are for an 8th grader! 28 is plenty of cards for most classes, and this gift will help your child stand out among the crowd.

Many schools do not let kids bring in candy, but require them to have Valentines for the entire class. These are a perfect solution.

2: Toddler Valentine Book

This big book has simple Valentine’s-themed drawings that toddlers and preschoolers can color in. It is a great way to keep them occupied while you spend time with your significant other, and a nice little introduction to the holiday. There is nothing sweeter than a child coloring or drawing something, then running up to you to show you the coloring they are so proud of.

3: The Try Not To Laugh Challenge

This kindle book can be bought instantly online, making it the ultimate last-minute gift for a child anywhere from 6-12 years old (roughly 1st through 7th grade). Kindle Unlimited books can be read free with kindle unlimited, or can be bought through the kindle app or

4: Strawberry Airheads

If a school allows candy on Valentine’s Day, every parent is handing out large packs of red and pink candies for their kids. Many parents are going for the cheapest candies they can find, or the colorful gimmicks that don’t actually taste that good. This 36-pack of airheads will be plenty for the whole class, and you know they taste good! Most kids like airheads, and strawberry is not the most common flavor in large packs. This will be a nice treat that does not break the pocketbook.

5: If You Give A Mouse A Cookie

This is a Valentine’s Day episode of the classic story “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.” Children loved this story when I was young, and they still do today. The story appears in classrooms and home bookshelves alike. This video is a wonderful treat for your child this Thursday. The great thing about this; it’s free with Amazon Prime.

Whether you have Amazon Prime or not, the best thing about this story is that you get it instantly. All you need to do is click this link, and your child can start watching!

6: Best Daughter Ever Sketchbook

This sketchbook is classier than many children’s gifts, with gold hearts on the cover and over a hundred pages inside for your young artist to draw in. It is great for a teen daughter, particularly one who loves drawing. This shows that you know them and care more about what they love than about overt, gaudy statements (though those can be great, too).

7: Pete the Cat Video

If your child loves Pete the Cat, here is another great video for them this Valentine’s Day! Like “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie,” this is free on Amazon Prime, and can be watched instantly at this link!

Also see this Pete the Cat eBook that you can buy instantly for your child to read on a tablet.

8: Rubber Bracelets

These rubber bracelets are great for kids and teens to give out to the whole class, or give out in bundles to friends. No kid is cooler than the one wearing three of these in the hallway at their middle school or high school. They have cute messages, and there are 36 of them. This is plenty for the whole class.

9: Clifford the Big Red Dog Video

This is another video that your child can watch instantly online. It is free with Amazon Prime. If they love Clifford the Big Red Dog, this is the gift for them.

10: Teen Joke Book

This Valentines-themed joke book is geared towards teenagers. It has clean, funny jokes that will keep your child entertained longer than a card that they read and throw away, or a piece of candy they eat in ten seconds.

If you have other ideas for last-minute gift-givers, post them below to help out the less prepared! Let us know if you liked these ideas, or if you’ve bought any of these things before!

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