Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Did you forget that Valentine’s Day is almost here? Me, too. I won’t bore you with a bunch of stories about love and the holiday. You aren’t here for that. You are here because you need a last-minute gift.

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Amazon guaranteed any items below would arrive by Valentine’s Day at the time the article was written (I will update daily, but shipping times change often; make sure to check each item when you buy it.).

This article contains affiliate links. his means I get a reward from amazon if you buy through the link. You can look any of these up separately through amazon, though. I recommend them because I think they are good choices and hope they help.

1: Wooden Valentine’s Card

This card is made of wood, rather than common cardstock. It is beautiful and shows quality craftsmanship. The front cover has heart carvings, and the inside has a space to customize a message framed in a heart. Nothing says “I love you” like a meaningful message written just for your loved one.

2: Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

Customization is best, right? This video shows how to make chocolate-covered strawberries. They are a great Valentine’s Day treat. Here is my personal tip; you don’t need to use strawberries. Try this with raspberries or other berries. There are variants you can try in the video, but you can also use only chocolate, or sprinkle a little powdered sugar over the chocolate. These are best if cooled overnight.

It is too late to order them online, but all you need are some strawberries and chocolate from the grocery store to surprise your loved one, or your entire family.

3: One Year Love Language Book

This book is great for married couples who are looking to affirm their love for each other. Rather than treating Valentine’s Day as a holiday or gimmick, think about the meaning of love, and devote yourself to your marriage 365 days a year. The gift may be last-minute, but how you use it will not be.

4: Heart Ice Cube Tray

This cute ice cube tray lets you make heart-shaped ice for any drink. This can be a gift for the whole family, or for just you and your adult friends to relax and have a Valentines-themed drink.

Also check out this kisses ice tray to make little ice kisses!

5: Cherry Blossom Popup Card

This is a cherry tree popup card. When you open the card, a cherry tree pops up from the center. This card can be a Valentine’s Day gift, or a birthday or mother’s day gift for the beloved people in your life.

Also see this enormous, scented cherry tree popup card!

6: Funny Journal and Planner

This Journal says, “Turns Out I Like You More Than Originally Planned.” It is a great gift for a boyfriend of girlfriend, and puts a humorous spin on falling in love. This could be a journal for planning the future, writing down memories, or many other purposes.