Cacao Before Chocolate

“Catch!” Simi tossed the oblong object, landing it neatly in her friend’s hand. Simi’s friend caught the pod neatly, her small hand closing easily around the ridged fruit. Reaching up, Simi dug her nail into the next fruit while her friend stored the first one. The scratch revealed gren skin underneath the tough exterior. Not ready yet.

Kara raised her arm up, swinging down swiftly and precisely to open the fruit up with a single strike. Tossing the broken pod onto another table, she reached for the next one.

Simi grabbed the red and yellow pods as they were tossed down to her table, split open by the heavy weight of her friend’s tool. Breaking a large yellow pouch open, she killed the fruit free, separating the small white bits into a barrel. The barrel was sealed and tucked away before another barrel was brought out. Simi reached for another plant.

Bao leaned her weight into the metal bar, smiling at the satisfying crack as the top of the barel split off the base successfully. Removing the lid, she leaned her weight into the large container, spilling it into a pile on the sunny ground. Beans skittered across the large rock, some nearly failling down onto the wet ground. Once they had dried out, they would be ground up and made into a liquor, eventually to be tempered into chocolate.

Today, June 26, is National Chocolate Pudding Day! Once workers like Simi, Kara, and Bao, craft chocolate for us, it is our turn to make that chocolate into something delicious like chocolate pudding.

Enjoy this chocolate pudding recipe by clicking this link or copying the url below. While I have not tried it myself, it sounds good enough to make my mouth water.

Recipe url –

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