Fingers gingerly wrapped around the slimy body, carefully placed to avoid the sharp spines of its fins. Wood pressed against the creature’s head as thin steel swung down and “thunk!” The small fish’s head was severed cleanly.

Sammy chucked the head in the bin with the other fish guts, and began gutting the remainder. He liked the taste of catfish, but he would never forget the time he got stung by one when he’d let the tiny fish go. The bigger ones were better.

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There is a debate online and amongst fishermen as to whether catfish sting. The best answer I can find to this is that they do sting, but with their fins. This article ( describes both side of the debate. The most important thing to remember is that one needs to be carefully when handling catfish.

Today, June 25, is National Catfish Day! This day began in June, 1987, when President Ronald Reagan discussed the fish at length during a Presidential address.

To celebrate this holiday, catch yourself a fish, grill it fry it, however you like it, and enjoy! If you don’t like catfish, maybe try another type of fish.

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