Educational Board Games to Play With Kids

If you are trying to keep your young child’s mind active, but you are not sure if you can teach some topics accurately, try some of these board games. Also try games like operation to help your very young children practice fine motor coordination.

Note: These are affiliate links, but the affiliate link has no effect on which game I recommend, and does not affect the price you pay. Amazon links are all to top rated games on Amazon.


Social Studies


Reading and Writing

Motor Development

Social Emotional Development

Multiple Subjects

2 thoughts on “Educational Board Games to Play With Kids

  1. Great to see so many teachers and parents embracing home learning! I teach in Hong Kong and we are 8 weeks into it at the moment! Crazy times! If any use i got a list of all the educational companies offering free subs and resources to help over on my site. I would recommend Go Noodle just for a break from classwork and to get the kids moving 🙂


    1. Wow, you are a lot closer to where it started than I am. I will definitely check your site out, and maybe link to it in one of my articles. You are right about the Go Noodle break. I also found stretches and things helpful, but Go Noodle gives the teacher a break, too.

      I hope you are your students are well.


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