The Day of Music

“Susie was up with the sun and fell down in the creek, the day her Beauty came home. Up and over, down and…” Molina sang the old children’s tune under her breath, wishing that she had a Beauty.

Damien winced as the blast of noise reached his ears. After a moment of recovery, his face cracked in a wide grin. Soon, his head was bobbing with the loud and rebellious noise. The lyrics didn’t quite make sense, and the guitarist missed a couple notes here and there, but Damien was listening with his heart, not his ears. That heart sped up with the intensity of the muic, sharing the passion of the band.

Coville stumbled out of his latest dance, reaching down to pluck up the first pair of arms he came across. Helping the old man to his feet, Coville spun around, head whirring to match his own emotions as the laughing musician chided him, his hands clasping his arms to join his merry prance. Soon, dozens of happy elves had joined the frivolous dance.

From prehistoric times to the modern day, music has permeated our souls, altering our cultures and being altered by them ( It is often called the universal language, and speaks to our hearts as often as to our minds.

Today, June 21, is the Summer Solstice and Fête De La Musique, the festival of music. This day of music began in France in 1982, and is now a worldwide event. On this day, free, live music flows through the streets of France, played by amateurs and professionals alike. The music spread across the ocean to the United States more than a decade ago, and now the United States celebrates World Music Day.


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