Sidney from Nowhere

Sidney carefully peeled the wide strip of dough from the pile, using it to complete a smooth layer of dough in the rectangular pan. Next, a layer of sauce. Meat. Cheese. Another layer of meat, just in case. The layer was getting thick, so Sidney spread some more pasta strips on it, careful to pick out any of her fur that got on the food. The fur wouldn’t bother her, but the food wasn’t for her.

A couple hours later, she carried the tray outside, her paws wrapped carefully in towels to keep the sensitive blonde pads from burning. She set the dish on the outdoor table, carefully inching away to stand watch from the doorway. A gentle breeze carried the smell through the dense forest in which she made her home.

Sure enough, after a short while, she saw two pairs of glowing eyes reflect back at her from the near underbrush. Slowly, they moved forward, light paws nearly concealed by the stealthy movement.

The same breeze that but a moment ago aided her began to cause a different problem. A thick lock of Sidney’s fur danced in front of her eye, causing it to twitch. Her cheeck gradually began to itch from the wiggling of her fur against the skin of her face. Eventually, she couldn’t stand it any longer. The tiny cat the had broke from cover to approach the table shot back into the woods, startled by the movement as Sidney rubbed her itching face on her dish towel.

With a sigh, she stood to go back into the house for a fork. She knew from experience that the cats wouldn’t be back. Cats didn’t like Sidney’s kind, perhaps because of their resemblance to dogs, but she had been trying to befriend some local cats for weeks.

Returning to the table with her fork, the woman was dumbfounded to fine that the entire dish had been licked clean. That had never happened before. Scanning the treeline, she was left with only a glimpse of a rather wide orange cat disappearing, taking its time about reentering its concealment. One cat couldn’t possibly have eaten all that, could he?

Happy Garfield the Cat Day! Today, June 19, is a day to celebrate the lasagna-loving cat many of us love. I grew up reading Garfield comics and later watching some of the Garfield TV show. For today’s Garfield comic, visit

What better way to celebrate this day than to cook a lasagna, like the character in the above story? The good news is you don’t have to feed this one to the cat. Try out this simple lasagna recipe by following this link, or finding one you like elsewhere.

Also, try out this link for some fun facts about Garfield the cat!

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