Purple Roots

Dirt splattered everywhere as the ziekril tore free of the earth. Brown topsoil rained down from the rough edges of the elongated purple tubor. After a brief dusting off, the root went into a basket.

Tammy snuck a peak at the other workers. Nobody was looking, so the next vegetable went into her mouth after only a quick dusting-off. The diet didn’t taste good, but the ziekril sure did. Only Pas Todo grew these rare vegetables, and Tammy loved the zesty flavor.

Today, June 17, is Eat Your Vegetables Day! Whether it is from a forest, farm, or market, vegetables are a large part of our diet. Today I recall the snozzcumber, a vegetable created by Roald Dahl in the book “The BFG.” Since Roald Dahl is a favorite author of mine, I chose to celebrate this day by creating my own imaginary vegetable, the ziekril. It is modeled after a carrot, but is lumpy and purple, with a zesty flavor. I will also be enjoying my vegetables today at dinner. What is your favorite fantsay vegetable?

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