Have a Slice on Me

strawberry rhubarb pie
Image from https://www.flickr.com/photos/irisphotos/42308514371, licensed under Creative Commons

The plate scrapes across the rough counter in the bright room. Unnatural light descends from the ceilings, far unlike the candlelit and lantern-brightened taverns of his past. The stocky young man picked up the eating implement that seemed to be common in these parts. After watching some of the other patrons shoveling food into their maws with relish, he carefully arranged his fingers around the tool, then cut and scooped a bite of the flaky red pastry.

His eyes widened as the strong, tart taste mingles with sweet red fruit on his tongue. The sour taste seemed to be coming from little morsels of vegetables, shaped like a familiar green plant from his homeland…celery. The bits reminded him of red celery.

Whatever it was, it was good.

Today is June 9th, National Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Day! Take some time out of your day to enjoy a nice, tart slice of pie. Strawberry rhubarb happens to be my favorite, but I’ve never managed to make one myself! In the spirit of the holiday, though, here are some recipes you might try. If they are good, give them some good feedback and leave a comment here to let the readers know.

Let’s make some pie, and save me a slice!

  • allrecipes.com
  • dishinwithdi.com – includes video instructions, recipe begins halfway down page, also includes sample pie crust recipe for homemade crust
  • theartofdoingstuff.com – step by step instructions with a little flavor and some mouthwatering images

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