Story Guides: How to Name a City

Dover twitched as the pen scratched across the paper yet again. ScritchScritchScritchScritchScritch! A few words made their way onto the page, then ScritchScritchScritch. “Would you cut it out, it’s like nails on chalkboard!” Standing from his chair Dover retreated to the kitchen to escape from the repeated noise. Lisa grumbled at his departure, jotting down […]

Writing Prompt #4

The sound of wood hitting wood drifted to Amma’s ears. The basket she carried creaked as the weigh shifted, just retaining its balance atop her head. Curiosity flared, despite warning bells ringing in her head. If you write a story from this prompt or would like to submit a writing prompt or idea for us […]

Writing Prompt #3

You’re late! You tried for years to get people interested, and you finally found a third player for your favorite game, but you’re running late to meet her. You crash through the doors to the saloon, letting them slam shut behind you as a worn bungee cord pulls them back into their frames. You approach […]

Writing Prompt #2

He dragged his fingers across his face, flicking blood away so he could open his eyes. His ears perked up and weary muscles tensed as he heard the sound of pained cries from behind the door. Without hesitation he ran ahead and threw open the door, left stunned by what he saw. Three lavishly furnished […]

Writing Prompt #1

We all knew about the magic lands, of course. They were there every day, layered on top of us like peanut butter on bread. But nobody ever talked about them. If you write a story from this prompt or would like to submit a prompt idea for us to share, please leave a comment or […]

Controversial D&D: Characters and the Story

What is Dungeons and Dragons? Is it a rule system? A tabletop gaming experience? In my opinion, it is a story. It is not a story told by one person, of course. Instead, it is a story told by many people. Each player has a character they play, while the DM plays the hardest character; […]